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4 Fun Ways to Use Bright Colors in Your Home

Use these suggestions to infuse some color into your home.

Using bright colors in our homes might be intimidating or even annoying for many of us. Even if the magazine spread’s screaming brilliant orange walls look amazing in the image, you might not be ready to live with so much color in your own house. Using vibrant accents can help you create a welcoming environment that is comfortable but not overpowering instead of going all out and painting a room a dazzling yellow, vivid violet, or lustrous green.

Incorporating Bright Colors into Your Home

Understanding how to mix bright, vibrant colors into your décor is essential if you want to avoid creating a chaotic and overpowering atmosphere in your home. Try the following:

Color on the Walls

Paint those walls if you’re feeling bold! Try an accent wall if you’re feeling particularly ambitious. A single wall painted in a striking hue or embellished with a colorful, patterned wallpaper can serve as a focal point. Additionally, it’s a cheap way to make a strong statement without overwhelming your area or your budget. The best part is that since you’re only covering or painting a small area, you can afford to splurge on premium paper or paint. Just trying to be a little bit adventurous? Try painting your trim or installing a backsplash to add color. Maybe you feel like going all out on an adventure? Paint your ceiling!

Color in Textiles

You don’t have to buy brightly colored furniture to create a statement in your home. Instead, add some color to the room with accent cushions, rugs, or blankets. If you prefer a more traditional style, it’s easy to swap out these bright accents, and you can also change them out for different seasons or occasions. They are also an inexpensive home decoration option.

Color in Wall Art

A large, vibrant canvas or mural can act as a room’s focal point and help to unify the entire space. Choose one substantial piece or several little pieces to illustrate your space and produce an intriguing and alluring look for any room in your house.

Accessorize with Color

There are many home improvement businesses and online shops where you can get colorful decorations. Look for accent pieces that go with the color scheme you have chosen, such as candles, picture frames, sculptural elements, and tablescapes. Even colored books on a shelf might give it the extra pop you’re searching for.

Add a Splash of Fun

Color is a wonderful decorating tool. Sticking with tried-and-true neutral colors reduces risk, but where’s the adventure and fun in that? Talk to the design experts at Southern Home Remodeling about adding a little color to your life!

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By Leslie Radford
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