Monochromatic Dinner Table Setting

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving: 6 Tips

Learn 6 decorating tips for your home that will help you celebrate Thanksgiving in style.

Traditional Thanksgiving decorations and fall color palettes can be played with in many ways to suit your tastes and the style of your home. Thanksgiving decorations are all about paying homage to the beauty and abundance of fall, so keep that in mind as you decorate for the occasion.

Whether you want to keep things simple or go all out, check out these stylish ideas for both traditional and modern Thanksgiving décor.

Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

Cozy Touches in the Living Room

Cozy Fall Living Room

Simple decorations like a vase filled with vibrant leaves or berries and a holiday wreath casually hung on a side wall will help you decorate your living space for Thanksgiving entertaining family and friends. To make your home feel cozier, add more throw pillows, cushions, and blankets to the décor. Neutrals should be paired with deep fall colors like rust, mossy green, mustard, burgundy, and blood orange. By adding candles and turning on the fireplace, you may create the desired ambiance.

Copper Accents and Dried Flowers on the Table

Copper Accents and Dried Flowers on the Table

Decorate your Thanksgiving table beautifully with copper and dried flowers. A festive ambiance is produced for an amazing dinner with family and friends with brass candlesticks and a simplistic table runner made of fresh pears and eucalyptus leaves.

Chic Monochromatic Dinner Table Setting

Monochromatic Dinner Table Setting

Using a mix of real and fake white pumpkins, white and gray dishes and glasses, and white linens are classy and festive. Fresh eucalyptus branches are arranged around the table’s center to soften the stark white and gray color palette.

Guest Room Refresh

Fall decorated guest bedroom

Give your guest room a makeover to make it even more cheerful for visiting friends and family. Your guest room may easily gain a festive Thanksgiving flair by layering bed linens in jewel tones, pleasant plaids, and luxurious fabrics like velvet and wool. With thoughtful additions like hanging a fall wreath above the bed and setting a scented pumpkin candle on the bedside table, your guests will feel pampered and in your home.

Seasonal Pillow Covers

Cozy Touches in the Living Room

Pillows with a fall vibe will create the atmosphere if you don’t want to overdo it with holiday decor. Utilizing the pillow inserts over and again each season can save money on holiday decor while lessening the need for storage space.

Small Space Thanksgiving Shrine

Small Space Thanksgiving Shrine

By putting a variety of smaller pumpkins on a floating shelf or window sill, you can still create a modern minimalist shrine for the Thanksgiving holiday in a tiny space. A hygge vibe can be enhanced by votive candles. To serve as a reminder to enjoy the season, think about hanging a wreath or a holiday garland in an unexpected place, like the back of a door, a free area in a hallway, or from a chandelier.

Thanksgiving: Embrace Tradition

Regardless of your decorating preferences, maybe these suggestions have given you some inspiration for how to celebrate Thanksgiving in your home.

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By Leslie Radford
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