Kitchen Remodeling in Fort Worth AND Arlington Texas

As a family-owned business, we at Southern Home Remodeling know for a fact that most homeowners in the Arlington, Texas area love to eat. This is why the kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home — where a lot of magic and memories happen. This is also why we handle all Kitchen Remodeling projects in Fort Worth & Arlington Texas, whether big or small, close to the chest. We at Southern Home Remodeling are here to treat your Kitchen remodeling project as a collaboration in Fort Worth & Arlington Texas. We will listen to your ideas and vision while providing professional and practical advice. With our wide selection of Kitchen Types based on layout and years of experience in construction, your dream kitchen is about to become a reality.

Kitchen Remodeling doesn’t have to be intimidating.

In fact, here are three simple steps to follow:

STEP 1: Choose the Kind of Kitchen You Want to Achieve.

  • Traditional Kitchen – The key to an elegant, premium kitchen inspired by 18th, 19th, and 20th century European and American design is close attention to detail. Most traditional kitchens start off with classic color palettes, i.e. neutral colors and then sprinkled tastefully with embellishments and furniture.
  • Modern Kitchen – We strongly recommend contemporary Arlington kitchen remodeling designs for homeowners who prioritize functionality and love minimalist and industrial themes. The colors are often cool and crisp, highlighting materials instead of embellishments.
  • Transitional Kitchen – This is often the hardest design to pull off. The perfect combination of contemporary and traditional design involves having wood, steel, stone, and marble all in one place. Only a few teams like ours in Arlington can harmonize these materials well.

STEP 2: Select the Part(s) of your Kitchen that Need an Overhaul.

  • Kitchen Countertops & Islands – We offer an impressive selection of countertop materials, from the classic natural stones like Marble and Granite, to the practical and environment friendly Recycled Materials. We can also help maximize your space by installing an island.
  • Kitchen Flooring – Our array of flooring options include, but are not limited to, Natural Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Hardwood, Laminated Flooring, and Brick — all of which are beautiful and durable. We also offer scratch-resistant variations as well as materials less prone to slip and fall.
  • Kitchen Cabinets – Expand and organize your kitchenware and ingredients with newly built or updated cabinets! Whether it’s customized or built in cabinets, we guarantee that we have the perfect color, design, size, and texture that you want.
  • Kitchen Lighting – No more lost items and hindered cooking because of insufficient lighting and dark nooks/crannies. We will make sure both natural light and artificial lighting are never lacking and fully maximized.
  • Kitchen Backsplashes – A new backsplash instantly gives any kitchen a facelift. We have affordable and premium options and finishes to choose from.
  • Kitchen Bar Areas – Make your kitchen more fun and exciting with a gorgeous bar area. Entertain guests any time and easily whip them up your own blend of cocktail or have a small storage space for your collection of wines and liquor.
  • Kitchen Appliances & Plumbing Fixtures – This includes making sure that the induction, gas/electric stovetops, refrigeration, ovens, dishwashers, and other kitchen equipment are secured and placed properly.

STEP 3: Get a FREE & NO OBLIGATIONS Quote from Southern Home Remodeling Today.

  • When it comes to Fort Worth Kitchen Remodeling, we at Southern Home Remodeling prioritize three things: aesthetics, functionality, and safety. Rest assured that from the planning to the construction phase, we will not leave the kitchen remodeling, until you are fully satisfied. Call us today for a free and no obligations inspection and estimate so we can take a look at your kitchen remodeling and provide you with clear and affordable remodeling solutions here in the Fort Worth, Arlington Texas area.

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