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7 Tips For Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living areas may be as comfortable and elegant as your interior living room, and they don’t have to be limited to a patio or deck.

As the weather warms up, our minds shift to outdoor life. Flowers in bloom and the aroma of outdoor barbecues entice us to gather on the porch or patio with friends and family. Here are some things to consider when deciding to design or spruce up your outdoor living space:

How Will The Outdoor Space Be Used?

Are you looking to host dinner parties or BBQs? If so, consider how many people you’ll need to accommodate and what they will be doing in the space. Will the space be for relaxation or entertaining purposes? Does your space need to be kid- or pet-friendly or will there be a separate area just for them? Maybe you don’t want the dogs cutting through and bothering guests while they’re trying to dine. 

What Kind Of Layout Would You Prefer For Your Outdoor Space?

When designing an outdoor space, consider it as an extension of your home and you are designing the floor plan of a new house. Each outdoor space should have a logical and useful relationship to the interior of the house, such as placing the outdoor eating area near the kitchen.

What Are The Surrounding Of Your Outdoor Living Space?

Make the most of your property’s views by setting up a modest sitting area to have a cup of coffee and watch the dawn, or a table and chairs for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at sunset. Similarly, utilize bushes or screens to hide unwanted eyesores. 

Consider The Elements

The direction in which your outdoor area faces might influence its functionality. Some areas might be better for certain seasons. Also, take note of how wind patterns affect the space. The last thing you want is to develop a fire pit area with chairs facing the wind or to design a lovely outdoor dining area in a wind tunnel.

In addition, if your outdoor space receives a lot of afternoon or early evening sun, you could provide cover for comfort. Umbrellas, pergolas, covered patios, or trees may take the sting out of a hot summer day by offering shade from the sun and protection from a passing summer rain.

Other Things To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Living Area

Hardscaping: Incorporating flagstone, decomposed granite, large boulders, and wood decking will allow a solid foundation for furniture while providing easy maintenance of the area.

Furniture: Appropriate outdoor furniture selections will be determined by the planned use of the space-eating, lounging, entertaining, or a mix of all three. Choose outdoor furniture that is both comfortable and functional, as well as weather-resistant and washable.

Ambiance: Water features, fire pits, and lighting are all things you can use to create ambiance for an outdoor living space you’ll never want to leave.

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Creating an outdoor living area is a fun way to enhance your lifestyle. With so many options available, you need Southern Home Remodeling to design the perfect space for you and your family. Talk to us about designing your outdoor living space!

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By Leslie Radford
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