2023 kitchen trends: modern farmhouse kitchen

These Kitchen Trends are a must for a Successful Remodel

These Kitchen Trends are a must for a Successful Remodel

Discover 2023 kitchen trends from a recent Houzz survey. See how sustainability, design, and tech shape kitchen remodels. Get ready for National Kitchen & Bath Month.

As we wade into the latter part of the year, it’s timely to discuss how homeowners are making significant investments in kitchen renovations, particularly with a focus on sustainability. Coinciding neatly with National Kitchen & Bath Month in October, a “2023 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study” reveals intriguing data about these renovation choices. Let’s dig into these compelling statistics that guide today’s trends.

Investment in Sustainable Features: A Growing Priority in Kitchen Trends

Homeowners are leaning heavily towards sustainability in kitchen upgrades. According to the Houzz survey, median spending on minor sustainable renovations surged by 40% YoY in 2022. This suggests eco-friendly features are more than just a passing fad; they’re becoming a staple.

Economics vs. Environmental Concerns: A Balanced Approach

Cost-effectiveness is the primary reason for choosing sustainable options, followed closely by environmental concerns. Notably, energy-efficient appliances appear in 61% of renovated kitchens, and water-efficient fixtures show up in 34% of them.

Kitchen Trends: The Open Kitchen Concept

Open kitchens are making a comeback. Forty percent of renovating homeowners opt for kitchens open to interior spaces, up from 38% last year. Another 20% are focusing on extending the kitchen area to outdoor spaces. With these numbers, it’s clear that homeowners value openness and connectivity.

Style Changes and Preferences: The Shift in Aesthetics

Transitional will remain the top style choice for renovated kitchens in 2023. The Houzz study found that 83% of homeowners alter the style of their kitchens during renovations. Although the contemporary style saw a dip to 12%, modern and farmhouse styles remain steadily popular.

Cabinet Styles and Trends: A Mix of Classic and Modern

Shaker-style cabinet doors still lead the pack, but flat-panel doors are catching up. Additionally, 72% of renovators opt for bar pulls as their cabinet hardware of choice. This indicates a mix of classic and modern aesthetics in kitchen design.

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Lighting and Electronic Upgrades: The New Norm

Recessed lights have taken the top spot from under-cabinet lights, gaining six percentage points this year. The study also reveals a rise in electronic features like docking stations and wireless speakers, underlining the increasing role of technology in our kitchens.

Versatility in Kitchen Usage: More than Just Cooking

Today’s kitchens serve a multitude of functions. Aside from cooking, homeowners use these spaces for eating, entertaining, and even working. This multi-functionality highlights the need for smart design choices and efficient use of space.

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Seize the Opportunity this National Kitchen & Bath Month

At Southern Home Remodeling, we specialize in designing kitchens that reflect the latest kitchen design trends. This National Kitchen & Bath Month, why not explore the opportunity to update your space? Transform your kitchen into a functional, stylish, and sustainable haven with our expert guidance.

By Leslie Radford
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