Bathroom Conversions

There are many cases when the original bathroom built for your home or business did not pan out well. It might be because your family is growing or you have a loved one who has particular needs. It could also be time for a home upgrade, from a simple practical design to a spa-like elegant bathroom.

Whatever the need and purpose you have, you need a flexible team of Bathroom Remodeling professionals here in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas that has experience in both showers and bath tubs to provide a quality Bathroom Conversion.

Converting your bathroom can be a tricky process, but we at Southern Home Remodeling are here to guide you every step of the way.

Types of Bathroom Conversions

  • Tub-to-Shower Bathroom Conversion – We prioritize fast and affordable conversions every time. Our effective and systematic process of designing a new bathroom eliminates lengthy, costly construction. We also have a wide variety of shower types to choose from.

Benefits of a New Shower:

  • Showers, especially those with a low threshold, are safer for children and the elderly.
  • Your bathroom could use a fresh, new, and cleaner look.
  • Repurpose the space where your unused bath tub is placed. You can also maximize the size of your smaller bathroom.
  • Replace your out-dated tub with grout and faded colors with a more neutral and modern shower.
  • Showers generally require less maintenance and cost.
  • We have barrier-free showers for wheelchairs. We can also install additional safety features, i.e. safety bars and built-in seats.
  • Shower-to-Tub Bathroom Conversion – We don’t have a one-size-fits-all formula in building a new bath tub. We always make sure to base our design on our customers’ needs and the size of the bathroom using only quality materials and trusted brands.

Benefits of a New Bath Tub:

  • Boost the value of your bathroom with a new bath tub.
  • Turn your simple shower into a stylish and functional bathroom straight out of a magazine.
  • Bath tubs can be both elegant and functional. Walk-In Tubs are leak-proof, easy to maintain, and safe.
  • Have a mini-spa at home. Nothing beats a relaxing hot bath in the tub after a long day.
  • We have a wide variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes available. Bath tubs are highly customizable.
  • Your bath tub can last for more years, especially if built with high quality materials.


You and your family deserve a functional, safe, and beautiful bathroom, regardless if it has a bath tub or shower. We at Southern Home Remodeling are here to make it happen. Let us show you how locally trusted professionals can greatly improve the quality and cost of your Bathroom Conversion.

Call us today for a free and no obligations inspection and estimate so we can thoroughly check your bathroom and provide you with clear and affordable conversion solutions here in the Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington Texas area.

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