Bathroom Cabinetry

One of the things you need to make sure in Bathroom Remodeling is to avoid aesthetic chaos and future clutter. What defines a bathroom is not just its shower area, bath tub, or toilet. An integral and often overlooked part is the cabinetry. Almost every part of your home or business needs a cabinet. In your new bathroom, your cabinets need to be the combination of design, durability, and functionality.

We at Southern Home Remodeling are here to help you not just have a beautiful bathroom, but also an organized one. Bathroom cabinets store not just your linens, toiletries, and makeup. They can also contain medicine, jewelry, and other important items. They can hold so much more and greatly affect how your bathroom will function in the next years.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets

  • Flat Bathroom Cabinet – This is your standard, no fuss and frills cabinet. Its straightforward design is great for modern and commercial bathrooms — Highly recommended for those who want neutral cabinetry that can meet your basic storage needs.
  • Louvered Bathroom Cabinet – You can immediately identify this cabinet because of its slatted or shutter-looking doors. It is perfect for additional ventilation.
  • Beadboard Bathroom Cabinet – If you are remodeling a bathroom for an old house or a cottage with an eclectic, farmhouse, or boho theme, this is definitely one to consider. Its barn house style doors give depth to a bare wall and immediately add charm to your bathroom.
  • Shaker Bathroom Cabinet – A popular choice for Kitchen Remodeling, this style can also be a good fit for bathrooms. Its simple, clean, highly functional, and versatile design is perfect for both contemporary and classic-looking bathrooms.
  • Distressed Bathroom Cabinet – Nothing says chic and charming than weathered and vintage looking cabinets. Coupled with metal or iron accessories and polished mirrors, they can give that perfect shabby looking you are after.
  • Thermofoil Bathroom Cabinet – Another straightforward cabinet, it is often considered as the perfect budget-friendly cabinet. It simulates the beauty of wood without the trouble of maintenance since its main material is vinyl or plastic.
  • Inset Bathroom Cabinet – This premium cabinet can come at a higher price tag, but it is definitely a favorite for designers. Its entire construction requires precision and displays amazing woodwork and craftsmanship.
  • Customized Bathroom Cabinet – Does your bathroom have a unique shape or sizing demand? We also offer customized cabinets, personalized based on your needs, from Cabinet Materials down to the Cabinet Finishes.


Was the type of Bathroom Cabinet you are looking for not mentioned above? Whether you are looking for something ready-made or customized, our team is here to serve you. Here at Southern Home Remodeling, we have built a solid reputation in the community not only because of our variety, but also due to our professionalism and capability to deliver more than what is expected.

Call us today for a free and no obligations inspection and estimate so we can thoroughly check your bathroom and provide you with clear and affordable solutions here in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington Texas area.

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